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Energy Management Services

At Tecmer, we work on behalf of our clients to lock in optimum rates, predict market changes, manage risks and budget for long-term stability. In addition, Competitive market and regulatory pressures due to climate change and sustainability continue to intensify. Businesses today must balance appropriate stewardship with economic viability. Organizations continue to be pressed by investors, media and customers to drive sustainable business practices. With energy being a significant contributor to carbon emissions, it is important for organizations to effectively plan and manage their energy spend.
At Tecmer, we know that critical to the success of a sustainability program is the implementation of energy efficiency projects and effective demand side management. Energy efficiency projects work best when evaluated within the context of a strong supply-side strategy. At Tecmer, we provide the following:

  • Manage, develop and provide project management for energy projects.
  • Provide project management for energy related projects.
  • Manage and conduct energy audits of facilities.
    • Determine the feasibility of energy conservation measures and renewable energy measures.
    • Evaluate renewable opportunities for buildings that include solar, geothermal, wind, bio-fuel and methane (landfill gas).
  • Provide account management and follow-up in helping clients to meet green and sustainable initiatives.