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Outage Support Services

At Tecmer, we can service all your outage and turnaround needs. Our unique resources and capabilities provide you with results critical to your schedule and quality needs.

Our Project Management teams will help you determine what services need to be performed during your outage and will design a plan and schedule that meets your needs. For your high-risk tasks and project scopes, we can help mitigate the financial and operational risk to the plant or facility by completing the work on time, within budget expectations, and at a quality level that assures ongoing reliability.

  • Outage Director
  • Outage Scheduler
  • ALARA Engineer
  • Technical Director
  • Turbine Coordinator
  • Fuel Handling
  • Modification Engineer
  • Modification Implementation Engineer
  • Refueling Floor Coordinator
  • Drywell Coordinator
  • BOP Coordinator
  • Craft Supervision/Coordination