Workforce Solutions for the Energy Industry

High Quality, On Time, Within Budget

The Tecmer Experience

Working with Tecmer

tecmer-candidate-pipeline.png Since 1993, Tecmer has used our power industry expertise to make great hires for our clients. Working with us allows you to leverage our years of industry experience to hire the right person for the right position. Tecmer''s founder, Thomas Drake worked within the power industry in a variety of roles for over 30 years ... he knows what skills it takes to perform at an optimum level. Simply put, we recruit and hire who we'd hire for the job were we in our clients'' shoes

Our vast knowledge of the work experience required to perform an outstanding job allows us to ask the right questions of potential candidates. Tecmer doesn't simply review a resume; we perform the following checklist for every candidate we submit:

  • Phone or Face to Face Interviews
  • Reference Check - minimum of three
  • Basic Background Check

Tecmer may be a small business, but that doesn't mean we think small. We pride ourselves on the fact that our size allows us to maintain a rapid turnaround rate with no bureaucracy or red tape for our clients or employees to go through. We offer personalized service with a direct relationship built on communication, service and professionalism.

Client Company Experience with Tecmer

Tecmer delivers quality services to the nuclear, fossil, hydroelectric and wind power markets at a highly competitive rate. Tecmer employees have skills directly applicable to each of these markets, as well as skill sets that are transferrable across multiple disciplines. In addition, Tecmer's President has over 30+ years of industry experience. This makes us uniquely qualified to serve the varying needs of our customers, no matter what power generation market they serve.

In addition, we adhere to a philosophy of close interaction and communication between our employees and our clients. Our success is truly dependant on our clients' success. This understanding coupled with our technical resources, allows the Company to provide its clients with solutions to their problems that are High Quality, On Schedule and Within Budget.

Employee & Contractor Experience with Tecmer

Beginning on their first day at Tecmer, employees can participate in benefit plans that provide choice and flexibility. Recognizing individual and family needs can vary greatly; our plans are built to accommodate our diverse employee population.

Tecmer furnishes a comprehensive benefits package, including Medical, Dental and 401-K retirement plans. Employees are immediately eligible to enroll in a health care plan with immediate coverage for you, your spouse and family as needed. Our 401(k) Plan offers a variety of investment options.

In addition, we offer a competitive weekly pay package by negotiating a pay rate and a separate per diem for our employees that will amply provide for them while working away from their home base.